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Get more out of your outdoor areas with Slatecrete’s concrete retaining walls:

A sloping garden can be a real pain in the ‘backyard’. However, if you’ve been battling with this problem, there’s hope yet – and it comes in the shape of a retaining wall.

Retaining walls are a popular landscape feature for many residential and commercial properties. On one hand, retaining wall systems are a necessary building structure for managing sloping ground, while on the other hand they can be used to add significant aesthetic appeal to a landscape and increase the overall value of a property.

A retaining wall may be all you need to turn your yard into an outdoor living space that is both practical and easy on the eye, and more suited to your lifestyle. But it can be a little hard to choose the right material that would best compliment your property.

Concrete retaining walls


Where are many types of materials that can be used to create retaining walls such as treated timbers, rocks or boulders; concrete remains the top retaining wall choice among Aucklanders. Here is why:

A versatile retaining wall material to compliment your home:

Owing to the amazing qualities of concrete – durability, strength and versatility – precast concrete panel and post retaining wall products are an excellent option for building a retaining wall. It adds a decorative value to create a landscape setting to thrive with characteristics and elegance

In addition to designing a concrete retaining wall to give support to a sloping ground or tame a slope, they are also a good way to create more usable space, build raised gardens and give your yard a more aesthetic look.

You can also install concrete retaining walls into a patio setting and use it as a backdrop that holds planters, lighting and keeps an area cool and shaded from sunlight.

A long-term investment that increases the value of your property:

Concrete retaining walls are perfect for small hills or mounds from land sliding. They are low maintenance and durable and perfect for garden landscaping. A proper retaining wall installation done by quality will enhance the value of one’s home as it reduces maintenance and prevents erosion in your yard. They can prevent damage to your property or surrounding structures.

A powerful structure to compliment your property

Concrete retaining walls can carry incredible loads generated by what is known as lateral earth pressure. These loads are not just generated by the weight of the soil behind the walls but water in the soil can build up significant hydrostatic pressure too.

So, to ensure they function as designed they need to be constructed of the proper materials and installed by quality contractors. Get these things right and you’ll be able to count on your financial investment maintaining both beauty and integrity for many decades to come.

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Slatecrete Paving and Retaining Walls

For a cost effect, space saving and easy-to-install concrete retaining wall solution that will meet both your practical needs and, at the same time, help create a more visually striking landscape in your garden, you need look no further than Slatecrete’s precast concrete panel and post wall systems.

Established in 1989, we’re an Auckland retaining wall company who pride ourselves on providing concrete retaining wall products that will stand the test of time. In fact, Slatecrete concrete retaining walls are structurally engineered to strict New Zealand design specifications, enabling us to guarantee a premium product in a range of options to suit any garden scape.

Our precast concrete retaining wall solutions are ideal for a range of options, from fencing and feature walls, to garden edging, privacy screens, water features, terrace walls and a whole lot more.

Visit our website, our showroom, or contact us today to discuss a precast concrete solution that is ideal for your fencing or retaining wall requirements.

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